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Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday, October 22, 2017


Mt 22:1-14 “Then repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.” The Pharisees, full of malice, were trying to “entrap Jesus in speech.” They concocted a question that flattered him, saying, “You teach the way of God in accordance with the truth,” but which also put him in a position to be in big trouble if he challenged the Roman laws. Jesus, of course, escaped the trap with his brilliant reply. We can appreciate the wisdom of his response, but more importantly, we can appreciate what it means for us.

To repay to Caesar, in this case, meant to give appropriate allegiance to the secular authorities. We too are under such authority, and although Uncle Sam is different than Caesar in countless ways, the fact remains that as constituents of this country who enjoy its many benefits, we are also called to extend a certain kind of tribute to our government. Taxes, yes, but more than that too. The loyalty and patriotism that offers our gifts in service to the good of our nation is also a tribute we Christians should make in good faith. Only when a law of our land contradicts the moral principles of God do we have to follow our primary allegiance instead, namely, our allegiance to Christ. Unfortunately, in our day we live under certain national laws that do conflict with the truth about human dignity, and thus a tension exists for us. But the course is clear. We must repay “to God what belongs to God” by defending the truth even when it may be unpopular. This kind of courage is what built the Church in those early centuries of persecution when practicing our faith was against the law. Heaven forbid this should ever happen to us. But if it does, we know what must be done.
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Pursuing social justice requires working for a more just economic life with decent jobs and just wages, providing adequate assistance to poor families, overcoming a culture of violence, combating discrimination, and defending the right to quality health care, housing and food. This brief description only begins to describe how Catholic teaching has been applied to these issues. We hope Catholics and others will read our complete statement on Faithful Citzenship. For more information go to The Challenge of Faithful Citizenship.

Religious Education Music Practice

We are asking youth from Catholic School and CCD classes in pre/K, kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade to participate in the three Masses we have planned this year. We will have practice from 11-11:10 a.m. in the Formation Center today, Sunday, October 15, October 22, October 29, and November 5. The three Masses that we are asking youth to participate in are November 12, January 14, and March 11.

Harvest Fest

The Social Committee will once again host the annual Harvest Fest. A sign up sheet is in the back of the church to have a count of how many people plan to attend. It will be held in the Formation Center after the 5:30 p.m. Mass on Saturday, November 4.

Saint Jude Triduum

St. Mark’s Church will hold its Annual St. Jude Triduum with Mass at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, October 25,26,27 in the church. Fr. Ronald Osinski will be the Celebrant and Homilist at the Masses. The Sacrament of Reconciliation will be offered prior to each Mass. Triduum Prayers will be prayed at each Mass followed by Veneration of the Relic of St. Jude.

Merry Martha’s

Will be cleaning the church on Thursday, October 26 at 10 a.m.

Stewardship Reflections.......

With the Order of Celebrating Matrimony with-out Mass, the rite consists of the Liturgy of the Word and the Celebration of Matrimony. There is no penitential rite or Glory to God. The regular scripture readings offered for the celebration of Matrimony are selected. There is always a homily. Following the Universal Prayer, the concluding prayer is the Lord’s Prayer. Omitting the “Deliver us”, the Nuptial Blessing is prayed over the newly married couple. When two Catholics are married, there may be Communion outside of Mass. Also, the local customs of placing a flower before the image of the Blessed Mother, giving flowers to the mothers of the bride and groom, and introducing the newly married couple may take place.

VBS Mighty Fortress on Proclaim

If you missed the live telecast of last Sun-day’s Proclaim, featuring Sacred Heart’s VBS

Proclaim! E061 August 27, 2017 from Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown on Vimeo.

In Your Prayers

Roberta Alderisio, Arlene Balestino, Rosemary Barcaro, Barbara Barker, Ann Bauer, Donald Belsey, Paxton Burr, Denise Con-rad, Mary Costlow, Betty Dalansky, Evan Decker, Dominick DeVecchis, Thomas Dobson, Joan Donnelly, Debra Dorazio, Matt Dorman, May Duey, Mike Dutchard, Jacob Eshlenan, Shirley Fanella, Gianna Feather, Kathleen Foster, George Frederick, Anna Marie Gority, Helen Gummo, Jean Hagan, Elaine Hauser, Janet Hilton, Jody Himes, Michael Himes, Nancy James, Larry Knott, Sr., Meredith Kuhns, Riley Marie Lansberry, Richard Lauer, Brody Lidwell, Perry Lloyd, Larry Lytle, Patty Maria, Tom McGinnis, Brigid McManaman, Pat “Koehle” McTavish, Vicki Medeiros, Debbie Murtagh, Kevin O’Rorke, Donny Ott, Randy Parson, Rene Reynolds, Camden Rhodes, Joan Robison, Gavin Ross, Christopher and Tina Ruffing, Patty Ruffing, Maureen Sherbine, Jacqueline Smith, Richard Soller, Clara Tomlinson, John Templon, Pete Szebin, Caitlin Thompson, Mary Pat Williams, Angie Yingling, and Daniel O’Brien’s and Jacob Prendergast’s safe deployment.

In the event our prayers have helped, you are asked to call the rectory to have your name removed from the list. You can always have it put back on if need be. Thank you.

To have a name added to the prayer list, please call the rectory office before noon on Monday to have the name placed in that weekend’s bulletin. You must have the person’s permission to print their name.



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