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Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday, November 19, 2017


Mt 22:1-14 “But the man who received one went off and dug a hole in the ground and buried his master’s money.” This servant was scared. He didn’t want to take any risks and just wanted to play everything safe. As he confesses to his master, “Out of fear I went off and buried your talent in the ground.” And the master was not pleased. The other servants who invested the money he gave them were richly rewarded for their efforts to produce more. But this servant was punished for letting his fear rule the day.

What factors are keeping us from making a return on God’s investment in us? He has given us all life, and each of us also has a special collection of “talents” to make use of. We have certain gifts, skills, and experiences, resources, and abilities that (though we many not often think about it) come from God. He calls us to make the most of these things, not just to take them for granted or bury them in the ground, so to speak. Our gifts are meant not just for our own enjoyment, but to help others, to spread truth and goodness and beauty to the world around us.

Sometimes, however, we fail to really capitalize on our potential. Laziness, distraction, or self-pity can get in the way if we are unwilling to put in the hard work to improve our natural gifts, if we allow ourselves to zone out with entertainment or frivolous pastimes instead of making good use of the time entrusted to us, or if we wallow in negativity by focusing on what we don’t have instead of embracing what we do.

Each moment is a gift from God. May we seize every opportunity to multiply the investment God has made in us so that we may be worthy to hear God tell us, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”
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Regarding abortion and euthanasia: “There is nothing less at stake than America’s future. You and I have the ability, the dignity, and the right to make our own decisions and to determine our own destiny; with God’s help we will do what is right for us, for our children, and for our beloved America.” Choose to protect all life.

Thanksgiving Day Mass

Our Thanksgiving Day Mass will begin at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, November 23rd. Nonperishable goods for our Food Pantry or monetary donations will be accepted during the offertory. The choir will be singing.

Sacred Heart Food Pantry

Sacred Heart Food Pantry will be open on Tuesday, November 21 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. the week of Thanks-giving and closed on Wednesday, November 22.

“Share the Harvest”

We would like to extend a special Thank You to everyone who volunteered and worked together on our fundraiser which will help provide money needed to pay for shipping donations to our Sister Parish, St. Robert Bellarmine. Youth and adults worked together to package and sell popcorn and cupcakes after all Masses the weekend of November 11th and 12th. Everything needed to make popcorn and cupcakes was donated by parishioners and youth made special prayer tags to attach to them. Thanks for Sharing!

“Thankful Together”

86th Annual Community Interfaith Thanksgiving Service hosted by Sixth Ward Ministries will be held on Tuesday, November 21 at 7:00 p.m. at Simpson-Temple United Parish.

Preacher: Revered Funteller Jackson, Pastor of Logan Valley Baptist Church in Bellwood. Offering: Scarves, gloves, hats and mittens or donation for local school children.

Religious Education

We would like to thank all of the 7 and 8th grade students who participated in the 10:00 a.m. Mass on November 12 and the Children’s Choir who added a special touch to the liturgy, along with all of the adults (catechists, organist and parents) who helped with the process. Thank you.

Catholic Charities Collection

For 77 years, Catholic Charities has helped our neighbors throughout Central Pennsylvania regardless of faith or background. 100% of contributions received through this weekend’s collection will directly help your neighbors in need. Thank you for helping Catholic Charities of Altoona-Johnstown to reduce poverty in communities throughout our diocese.

Christian Initiation

Have you ever asked someone to share in the gift of the Catholic Faith? As of today, no one has shown an interest in “becoming Catholic” this year in our parish. Some individuals may be uncomfortable thinking they have to go up in front of the church. Some individuals just aren’t ready yet for one reason or another to come into Full Communion with the Catholic Church. Some individuals simply have never been asked. No matter what the reason may be, we are willing to adjust to each individual on their journey. Please en-courage someone to think about joining your faith. If you know of anyone who might be thinking of or just has questions about the Catholic faith, have them call or text Mike Kelleher at 934-4076 or talk to Fr. Lubo. What greater gift is there than bringing someone closer to God.

Everyday Stewardship...

For all of us there are things we put off until tomorrow. Sometimes, that tomorrow never comes. We act like we have all the time in the world. However, time on this earth is for certain one thing that does not exist in unlimited supply. Death is the primary way earthly time ends for us. Yet there will come a time when Jesus returns and if you and I are still living at that time, I hope he finds us ready. Are you ready for such an event? Have you taken seriously your decision to be a disciple of Jesus Christ? Has that decision moved you to live a life of stewardship where all you have and are belongs to God? Or have you put all of that off to somewhere down the road? Chances are you will be reading next week’s reflection and nothing too earth changing will have happened. But then again, maybe, just maybe this time is when we all lose that bet. - Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

Endowment Fund Thank You

We thank Virginia Ferramini for her donation to Sacred Heart Endowment Fund in memory of her mother, Frances Ferramini.

Harvestfest Social

We thank our Social Committee for planning and preparing for the Harvestfest Social last Saturday evening. Approximately 60 people attended. As always, the food was delicious.

In Your Prayers

Roberta Alderisio, Arlene Balestino, Rosemary Barcaro, Barbara Barker, Ann Bauer, Donald Belsey, Paxton Burr, Denise Con-rad, Mary Costlow, Betty Dalansky, Evan Decker, Dominick DeVecchis, Thomas Dobson, Joan Donnelly, Debra Dorazio, Matt Dorman, May Duey, Mike Dutchard, Jacob Eshlenan, Shirley Fanella, Gianna Feather, Kathleen Foster, George Frederick, Anna Marie Gority, Helen Gummo, Jean Hagan, Elaine Hauser, Janet Hilton, Jody Himes, Michael Himes, Nancy James, Larry Knott, Sr., Meredith Kuhns, Riley Marie Lansberry, Richard Lauer, Brody Lidwell, Perry Lloyd, Larry Lytle, Patty Maria, Tom McGinnis, Brigid McManaman, Pat “Koehle” McTavish, Vicki Medeiros, Debbie Murtagh, Kevin O’Rorke, Donny Ott, Randy Parson, Rene Reynolds, Camden Rhodes, Joan Robison, Gavin Ross, Christopher and Tina Ruffing, Patty Ruffing, Maureen Sherbine, Jacqueline Smith, Richard Soller, Clara Tomlinson, John Templon, Pete Szebin, Caitlin Thompson, Mary Pat Williams, Angie Yingling, and Daniel O’Brien’s and Jacob Prendergast’s safe deployment.

In the event our prayers have helped, you are asked to call the rectory to have your name removed from the list. You can always have it put back on if need be. Thank you.

To have a name added to the prayer list, please call the rectory office before noon on Monday to have the name placed in that weekend’s bulletin. You must have the person’s permission to print their name.



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