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Sunday, March 11, Fourth Sunday of Lent
8:00 a.m. DST Joseph A. Moffa (Anniversary)
10:00 a.m. DST Mike McGraw (Wife, Karen)
12:00 Noon DST Dr. Jean Gilot (Wife, Muriel Gilot)

Monday, March 12, Opening Night of Novena
7:00 p.m. Marcella Adams (Denny and Dan Greiner)

Tuesday, March 13
7:45 a.m. Rose Marlett (Bill and Deborah Aigner)
11:30 a.m. Cynthia Corbo (Neighbors)
7:00 p.m. Marge Ziegler (Ruston and Renata Harpster

Wednesday, March 14
7:45 a.m. Al Koehle (Kay and Bernie Geishauser)
11:30 a.m. Leonard Yahner (Barbara Chisko)
7:00 a.m. Dorothy Anna (Dominic Corso)

Thursday, March 15
7:45 a.m. Nick Balestino (Marge Moschella)
11:30 a.m. Rosemary Barcaro (Elaine Toomey)
7:00 p.m. Leo, Rosella and Dave Greiner (Denny and Dave Greiner)

Friday, March 16
7:45 a.m. George L. Cardone (Ron and Eileen Roefaro)
11:30 a.m. Helen Farrell (Marie Pacifico)
7:00 p.m. Don and Mary Imler (Jim and Paula Imler)

Saturday, March 17, Saint Patrick
9:00 a.m. Michelle Rogus (Mike Rogus Family)
11:30 a.m. Maxine Itle (Wayne and Fay Biller)
5:30 p.m. John Milliron (Zita Milliron)

Sunday, March 18, Fifth Sunday of Lent
8:00 a.m. Sal Randazzo (Cory Geishauser)
10:00 a.m. People of the Parish
12:00 Noon Carmella DeRubis (Val Mochella)
5:30 p.m. Evening Prayer and Benediction

*If you have requested a weekend Mass Intention, it is expected that you or a family member will attend that Mass and carry up the gifts. Thank you.



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