Sacred Heart Church

Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

August 9, 2020


Mt 10:26-33 Be still and know that I am God. Silence is sacred. Silence speaks the language of the soul and is the foundation of all life and eternity itself. Silence takes us beyond the limits of our minds and allows us to seek and to love the essence of all love, perfect love, and being. In silence, we can be nonverbally present to things and to God in ways that words cannot accomplish, We can know the unknowable and touch eternity when we encounter the core silence in our souls. We can do this even on a noisy street and in the midst of the greatest distraction. Once we have made friends with silence, the rambling noise of the world no longer seems to matter, and we can carry a deep forgiving peace within us, even when physical silence cannot be found. We know that we are loved, cared for, sustained, nourished, embraced, and carried. There is nothing to fear in silence, and I can be present to myself in the same way that God is present to me. I can see myself as God sees me. All of my faults, weaknesses, imperfections, failings, and sinfulness melt away in the abundance of God's mercy. All of the worldly things we see as being important no longer are.

It is in silence that all of the barriers that divide us disappear. There is no more "yours" and "mine" but only the oneness of “ours”. There is no longer a need to "figure things out," and we tap into our desire to simply let things be. Silence is creative and powerful and gives us hope. Silence is God's greatest blessing. God became one with humanity in silence. It allows us to be one with all of creation, with the moon and the stars and all of the creatures God has made. The smallest particle of creation radiates with beauty. Silence allows us to soar beyond ourselves and connect in ways that the mind can only imagine. When all is quiet, we begin to see that it is only our fear that keeps us from the Lord. It is our fear that causes us to sink and to fail. We can hear the gentle whisper that tells us to reach for God's hand. We discover that we yearn for the salvation and wholeness that only God can give to us. Be still my soul and be at peace
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When life and family are not treasured and preserved in a society, collapse on all fronts is inevitable. Sadly, this statement applies to America today. Pray for an end to the culture of death.


Sacred Heart Lectors. If you have been a Lector at Sacred Heart and you would like to volunteer to continue to read during these Covid-19 times, please call the rectory at 943-8553. There will only be one Lector at each Mass.


We thank Mrs. Muriel Gilot for the flowers today. They are in memory of her husband, Dr. Jean Gilot.

Thank you to all of the parishioners who continually donate disinfecting wipes to the church! Your thoughtfulness and generosity are greatly appreciated!


Sacred Heart Religious Education program is in need of additional Catechists' who are willing and able to share the Catholic Faith with our youth at Sacred Heart. Volunteers need to be in good standing with the Church and need to be willing to complete the necessary Diocesan and Pennsylvania state requirements and policies for Youth Protection. Please contact Judy Wahl, DRE at 944-3922 for more information. Thank you.


We need your EMAIL for our church rosters. Saint Mary's and Sacred Heart are in the process of updating parishioner information. We have found that communication is easier sometimes through email. If you have an email address, we are asking you to please let us know what it is for our records. If we have your email address, please let us know that it is correct by checking with us for what we have on file. Also, if you no longer have a land-line, but instead are using a cell phone, would you also let us know that, so that we do not continue to call a non-working number. Saint Mary's parishioners, please contact Anita at the St. Mary's Rectory (942-2416) and Sacred Heart parishioners please contact Paulette at Sacred Heart Rectory (943-8553). Thank you.


Did you ever find comfort in a "sign" from God? Maybe a cardinal, a butterfly, a ray of sunshine coming through the clouds, a rainbow, or a song. Sometimes we might expect God to be a divine performer who will temporarily wow us with a magical moment. In Jesus, we have the permanent sign of the bread of life sent to give life to the world. You can be a sign to others who are hungry and thirsty for something more in their life. Consider inviting someone to join you at Mass or watch together online, to see if the Catholic faith is something that may satisfy them. If you know of someone who would benefit from being nourished by the sacred "signs" of the Catholic faith, have them call Mike Kelleher at 934-4076 or the rectory office at 943-8553, or Jim Mock at St. Mary’s at 942-2416.


Stay Informed and Engaged in Diocesan News. The diocese has an on-line newspaper, Proclaim! The Good News of Altoona-Johnstown, featuring diocesan news, information and commentary including happenings at parishes and schools. Visit the site at and sign up for regular e-mail updates delivered to your in box or visit our website at or

Stewardship Reflections

We can stay on course as a keeper of all God's gifts when we stay focused on God. Even the apostles doubted Jesus. He calmed their fears, "Take courage, it is I, do not be afraid." Many times we act afraid and let obstacles get in our way of living as true stewards: If we share our time, we won't have enough to do what we want to do; If we give our money away, we won’t have enough to buy what we want for our loved ones and ourselves; if we offer our talents, they won't be good enough to meet our expectation; if we love without strings, we won't receive enough love in return. A Christian steward recognizes God as the source of all. Christian Stewardship does not seem as counter-cultural now as it did six months ago.

In Your Prayers

Please remember the health intention of Lee Appleman, Allan Bauer, Mark Blackie, Rod Baronner, Jack Chilcote, Brandon Conaway, Shirley Conlon, Denise Conrad, James Conrad, Kathy Corl, Dan Costlow, Joan Donnelly, Matt Dorman, Amelia Doughurty, Lois Duncan, Trina Funcheon, Mary Hart-sock, Phyllis Hartman, Elizabeth Hasan, Phyllis Hauser, Diane Horton, Cindy Lytle, Jonathon Masood, Edmund McConnell, Elizabeth McConnell, Charles McGrain, Lori Moschat, Cierria Naglowsky, Maureen O’Rorke, Gail Pearson, Christopher Ruffing, Robert Ruffing, Susan Sakerak, Brian Sherbine and Peggy Stauffer and Ken Tromm.

If you would like to add a sick or hospitalized person to our prayer list or re-add a person, please call the rectory office, at 943-8553. Parishioners of Saint Mary are encouraged and welcome to participate. Remember, you must have permission of the ill person/family to publish their name.



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