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June 9, 2024


Corpus Christi

Jesus asks us a stunning question this week: “How can Satan cast out Satan?” To enter into this question opens up the often-hidden dynamics of what Jesus has done and is constantly doing. If we’re honest, our response to some degree is: “How else can we cast him out? Satan is pre-cisely how we cast out Satan!” But Jesus wants us to see this finally does not work. Here’s what I mean.

Satanas names the demonic mechanism by which we render wholeness through accusation. When we face a threat, we seek something to protect us (e.g., more money, social status, security, power, etc.). Rivals inevitably arise for these things and so do tensions. Accusation presents itself. “I’ll never be successful unless I get ahead of that guy.” “She’s already trying to get ahead of me.” “That group of immigrants is trying to take our jobs.” And so on. The accusation grows into a fear-inducing threat — things will break apart — no, they already are! Hurry! We inflict violence on the victim and — as if by magic — peace en-sues. For a time. Soon fresh accusations are required to hold new chaos at bay, until there is no community left at all. This is essentially humankind’s sad history in a nut-shell.

Jesus’ cross and resurrection unmasks this broken system of “casting out Satan by Satan” and ushers in a new one he calls “the Kingdom of God.” He reveals that the dynamic of accusation is nothing compared to his power of divine mercy and love. The cross (and not Satan) is the real power to tear down strongholds of sin and cast out Satan. This is why he describes himself as the “stronger man who ties up the strong man to plunder his house.” This week let’s no-tice the ways we “cast out Satan by Satan,” and then refuse to do it anymore. Because in the long run, that divided house cannot stand.
- Father John Muir


Abortion-on-demand laws give to one person (the mother) the legal right to kill another (the baby) in order to solve the first person’s so called ‘social problem’…and we live in a civilized society?


Please help us to keep our parish records up to date! Contact you church office if you have changed your home or cell numbers, your address or email since becoming a member.


Please join us for a celebration honoring the Feast of St. Anthony of Padua on Thursday, June 13th at St. Bernardine Monastery, Hollidaysburg. The event will include an outdoor Mass, Blessing of St. Anthony’s Bread, and veneration of a first-class relic of St. Anthony. Mass will begin at 10:00 AM, followed by bread distribution. At the conclusion of Mass, join us for an outdoor BBQ lunch which is $15.00 per person. Please pre-pay/pre-register if you will be staying for lunch. The celebration will be rain or shine as it will be under a tent and please bring a chair!


In today’s First Reading from the Book of Genesis we hear the story of Adam and Eve and their sins, defying God. How-ever, when God was present in the garden, the man and woman hid themselves. Adam responds to God’s question why in part by saying “I was afraid… so I hid myself.” Do any of us really think he could hide from God?

As humans, we know the temptation of following our own plans, even if they are contrary to God’s. We think we know better and we may try to still have it our way. If what we have done is particularly shameful, we may try to hide our sins from God.

What are we hiding from? In recent weeks we have learned over and over how much God loves us. It is time for us to ac-cept that and not hide

A Family Perspective

Every family is imperfect. We fail ourselves and those we love. In today’s gospel Jesus tells us, “I did not come for the righteous, but for sinners.” By showing “mercy” we avoid the shame and blame game and discover love and acceptance in our fam-ily.
- Bud Ozar

Prayer Requests

Kathy Ansman, Mark Blackie, Rod Baronner, Dan Bauer, Dave Bauer, Damian Branas, Ron Buckreis, Vince Bumann, Jack Chilcote, Harry Chir-don, Karen Claar, Brandon Conaway, Shirley Conlon, Denise Conrad, James Conrad, Kathy Corl, Bob Decker, Tim Dodson, Joan Donnelly, Matt Dorman, Nate Dorman, Amelia Doughurty, Lois Duncan, Thomas Duncan, Sam Dunio, Ashley Eagen, Ruth Ann Frederick, Herman Frederick, Phyllis Hauser, Leighton Hess, Ralph Hildebrand, Lucy Horton, Austin Judy, Lynn Judy, Raymond Kargo, Russell Keith, Kenny Anthony Keagy, Carol King, John Kleine, Sue Koehle, Ruth Lamca, Cyndi Lansberry, John Leshene, Janet Lego, Beth Lloyd, Charles McGrain, Shirley McIntyre, Paul Angelo Morelli, Bev Mueller, Bonnie Neal, Jessica Neff, Lee Neff, Kevin O'Rourke, Gail Pearson, Scott Reimer, Sarah Rihnovich, Patti Robinson, Nancy Servello, Laura Snyder, Fred Tromm, Alex Walter, Margo Wascherl, Alan Watson, Joan Weston, Hank Williams, Mikayla Yanchik.

If you would like to add a sick or hospitalized person to our prayer list or readd a person, please call the rectory office, at 943-8553. Parishioners of Saint Mary are encouraged and welcome to participate. Remember, you must have the permission of the ill person/family to publish their name.



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