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The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

June 23, 2019


Jn 13:31-33a, 34-35 "They all ate and were satisfied." Why read the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves this Sunday? Here we see the mystery of our physical and spiritual realities intermingling. Too often, they can feel separate. When we go to Mass, how often we appear more ordinarily human rather than stretching toward the divine.

Perhaps our experience of the Eucharist is fairly mundane. We notice when a new sacramental wine has been selected. We feel the varying textures of the host and wonder if they'll ever bring back the one that tasted distinctly like wheat. As we huffle up to the front and stride back to our pew, we notice the looks on people's faces and the clothes on their backs. We get distracted by the crying child, the man blowing his nose, and the mechanical sound of the air conditioner kicking in. How human we are, how earth-bound, how material!

And how good God is for entering into these selfsame realities. How good God is for proclaiming "the kingdom of God", for healing those who needed to be cured, for having mercy on a tired and hungry crowd. How many of the crowd noticed what had been done for them? Did they realize their dinner was a miracle? How often do we miss the deeper reality of the Eucharist? Even if in the moment of receiving Communion we don't experience radical ecstasy and don't feel any different, there is a tangible reality to cling to us. God loves us enough to become bread for us, not only to feed us but to be fed upon by us.
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Responsibility means being accountable for what we think, say, and do. Personal responsibility involves working on our own character and skill development rather than blaming others for situations and circumstances. It means choosing to design a life that honors our values and purpose. Every choice can benefit humanity or harm it. Even avoiding choices has consequences.

Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

The faith community in today's Gospel ended up with a surplus after everyone shared their gifts in Jesus' name. Let us share our surplus with those in need but also give to others from that which we ourselves need. May we trust that we will always have enough because we have decided to be good stewards expecting nothing in return.

Vacation Bible School

"To Mars and Beyond", Vacation Bible School, August 5-August 9, at Sacred Heart Formation Center. 6:00—8:00 p.m. Ages 5-12 years old. Registration forms are in the back of the church. Members of other churches are invited to register also, to discover the wonders of God's universe.

On Monday, June 17 at 6:00 p.m. If you are interested in volunteering to be part of "To Mars and Beyond" which will be held August 5-9 from 6-8:00 p.m., please join us!


We are always happy to welcome new parishioners to Sacred Heart Parish and Saint Mary Parish. Please introduce yourself to a member of the parish staff and register at the rectory. Registration, the practice of stewardship, and regular participation in the Eucharist indicate that a person is an active member of the parish and is eligible to act as a godparent or sponsor. As a Church community seeking to be faith-filled disciples and good stewards, the sacrifice of our time, talent and treasure is essential for the common good.

Mission Co-op Appeal

Most Rev. Apolinar Senapathi CM. (Appointed as the first Bishop of Rayagada Diocese) will be coming to our parish on June 22nd for the "Mission Appeal". The Diocese of Rayagada is one of the largest dioceses in "Orissa State which is one of the poorest States in India with the lowest percapita income. Communal violence against Christians took 83 lives, left hundreds injured, rendered 50,000 homeless and even after a year, more than 2,000 people live in refugee camps. The Diocese has hardly any source of income of its own. We may not be able to continue our mission works further without the financial support from generous people like you."


When faced with a decision or a dilemma, where do we turn? Whenever we have to discern the proper course of action, The Holy Spirit is avail-able as our advocate and guide. As Christians, we look not to our world for direction but to God. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are given to help us find our path to proper thought and conduct. Wisdom, right judgment, knowledge, understanding, fortitude, piety, and fear of the Lord are all perfect tools for discernment. These gifts allow us to keep our relationships and perspective in proper order. It is the Holy Spirit who opens our eyes to see that which we would otherwise overlook and opens our hearts to receive those people who would otherwise be ignored. Ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten you today!

In Your Prayers

Please remember in your prayers the health intention of Charles Amerine, Allan Bauer, Mark Blackie, Rod Baronner, Jack Chilcote, Brandon Conaway, Denise Conrad, James Conrad, Kathy Corl, Betty Dalansky, Joan Donnelly, Matt Dorman, Lois Duncan, Michael Faherty, Sarah Gill, Phyllis Hartman, Charles McGrain, Christopher Ruffing, Robert Ruffing, Tina Ruffing, Susan Sakerak, Brian Sherbine and Peggy Stauffer.

If you would like to add a sick or hospitalized person to our prayer list or re-add a person, please call the rectory office, at 943-8553. Parishioners of Saint Mary are encouraged and welcome to participate. Remember, you must have permission of the ill person/family to publish their name.



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