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Religious Education Classes

ATTENTION: Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic Guidelines for Parish Programs, we have had to suspend our in-person instruction for CCD & Confirmation Prep until February. Please click the updated schedules for both Confirmation Schedule and Elementary School & High School Religion Education Class Schedule.

Religious Education for children and teenagers attending public schools will begin on Sunday, September 13, at 11:00 a.m. for both our elementary children and high school age teenagers.

Please click here for the 2020-2021 High School Religion Education Class Schedule on Sunday mornings.

Please click here for the 2020-2021 High School Confirmation Schedule.

Please click here for the 2020-2021 Elementary School Religion Education Class Schedule on Sunday mornings.

When participating in the Religion Education Classes, please remember the following:

1. Children must participate in the weekly Eucharist (Mass) to be eligible to attend religious education. The opportunity and obligation to "keep the Lord's day holy" by participating in the Eucharist is an essential part of being Catholic.

2. Religious education classes will begin at 11:00 A.M. and conclude at 11:50 A.M. For the safety of your children, the doors to the Formation Center will be locked from 11:05 A.M. until dismissal. The children will still be able to exit by using the crash bars; but, people will not be able to enter the building without using the doorbell.

3. At dismissal time, parents are asked to wait for their children outside the building so as to reduce hallway congestion. Pre-school thru 2nd grade children will exit through the porch door. Grades 3-5 will exit by way of the side door located at the bottom of the steps. Grades 6-8 will exit the 6th avenue doors. If an older sibling is picking up your child, please ask them to wait at the appropriate doors, so teachers are able to keep track of their class. Students who are not picked up will wait in the main office rather than outside, as a safety precaution.

4. Please park in the lot or at the curb when you pick-up your children. Do not stop in the traffic lane. Be sure to cross the street at the cross-walk or at the corner of the block.

5. To help defray the cost of our religious education program, please donate $10.00 per family in your regular church envelope as a one-time annual fee.

6. If there is a cancellation of Religious Education due to inclement weather or some type of emergency, please go to, WTAJ-TV 10, WFBG AM 1290, WFGY FM 98.1




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