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Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday, August 2, 2015

John 6:24-35 Hello, I'm Franciscan Father Greg Friedman, with the Sunday Soundbite for the Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Broadway Danny Rose is a Woody Allen film that depicts a talent agent, whose struggling and hapless clients are the entertainment acts nobody wants to hire. But Danny cares for them like a family, and tries his best to find them work. In the movie’s most touching scene, he invites all of them to a Thanksgiving dinner consisting largely of TV dinners. The meal is nevertheless a celebration of love that goes beyond the meager fare.

Today’s Gospel continues our five-week selection from the sixth chapter of John, where Jesus is portrayed as the “Bread of Life.” Jesus has just fed a crowd of hungry people with a few loaves of bread and some fish, but the people misunderstand the sign, focusing only on getting something to eat. Jesus wants them to look beyond the earthly food, to “the food that endures for eternal life.”

A popular Eucharistic song of some years ago urged us to “look beyond” the physical signs of bread and wine we receive at Eucharist, to our Lord and Savior who is present there. What are our expectations as we gather each week for Mass? We may find fault with the music, the homily, the behavior of the neighbor’s children, but our faith tells us that this is the place we are to be fed and healed and forgiven.
- An Site from the Franciscans and Franciscan Media Copyright 1996 - 2015


“The real question today is not when human life begins, but, what is the value of human life? The abortionist who reassembles the arms and legs of a tiny baby to make sure all of its parts have been torn from its mother’s body can hardly doubt whether it is a human being. The real question for him and for all of us is whether that tiny human life has a God-given right to be protected by the law the same right we have.”
- Ronald Reagan

First Friday

You are encouraged to honor the Sacred Heart of Jesus by attending the 7:45 a.m. or 11:30 a.m. Mass on Friday, August 7th. There will be Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament from after the 7:45 a.m. Mass until 11:30 a.m. Adoration is homage of the spirit to the “King of Glory”, respectful silence in the presence of the “ever greater” God. Adoration of the thrice-holy God of love blends with humility and gives assurance to our supplications.

Homebound Communion Calls

Father Lubo will be making his monthly Communion Calls to homebound parishioners on Thursday, August 6th. He currently visits 15 homes beginning at 9:00 a.m. If you would like to receive Holy Communion, please call the rectory office by Wednesday morning. Another reminder, please notify the rectory if you or anyone in your family has been admitted to the hospital, rehab hospital, or nursing home.

Outdoor Mass for Married Couples

The Altoona-Johnstown Diocesan Family is invited to participate and to pray for those living the Sacrament of Marriage at an Outdoor Mass honoring Married Couples on Sunday evening, August 2, at 7:00 p.m. at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Alleghenies in Loretto. Bring a lawn chair. Bishop Mark is the celebrant and homilist. This is a wonderful way to celebrate, encourage and support married couples.

Annual Wedding Anniversary Liturgy

Bishop Mark and the Family Life Office cordially invite all couples celebrating their 1st, 5th, 10th, 25th, 40th, 50th, and 60+ Wedding Anniversary in 2015 (and their families) to attend the Annual Wedding Anniversary Liturgy. Couples may attend on Sunday, September 20 in Altoona at the Cathedral of the Bless Sacrament. Location is handicap accessible. Mass will begin at 2:00 p.m. Bishop Mark will be the celebrant and homilist. Punch and cookies will be available after the Mass for anniversary couples and their families. Reservation must be made through your parish by Tuesday, August 25.

125th Anniversary Video

The video that was made and shown during the 125th Anniversary Banquet can be ordered and purchased for a cost of $5.00 Order envelopes can be found in the vestibule of the church. Please complete and place money in the envelope and drop in the designated box, collection basket or at the rectory business office. Deadline for placing video orders will be Sunday, August 9th. Please allow 3 weeks from the date of order to receive your video.

Weekend Masses

Just a reminder that if you have requested a Mass to be said on the weekend, you or someone in your family should be bringing the Communion Gifts up to the priest. Thank you for your attention to this.

Lost and Found

Can’t find your sun glasses? We have a collection of them in our Lost and Found basket located on the top shelf of the coat rack. We also have a ladies/teens cuff wrist watch which is in the secretary’s office. If you have lost this watch, please call the rectory and identify.


Annual Catholic Appeal

Our parish’s assigned goal for the Annual Catholic Appeal this year is $49,239. As of Monday, July 20, we have reached our goal, but no money will be returned to the parish until all pledges are paid. It is still not too late to make your donation. All money returned to Sacred Heart will be used to repair/replace the heating system in our church . Please be generous. Thank you!

Families and the Gospel

In today’s gospel, Phillip worried about “enough food” for the crowd. What is ENOUGH? When does our enough deprive another family of their fair share? Jesus performed today’s miracle because one child was willing to share and risk living with less. Can your family live more simply so that other families can simply live?

Liturgical Reflection..........

The Psalmist may be a liturgical ministry independent of the reading and cantor ministries. It is the psalmist’s place to sing the Psalm or other biblical canticle between the two readings. To carry out this function correctly, it is necessary for the psalmist to be accomplished in the art of singing Psalms and possess a facility in public speaking and elocution. The psalmist is seated with the readers in the sanctuary and returns with them to his/her place following the second reading.

General Instruction of the Roman Missal, Number 102.
- 2015, Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown, Liturgy Office

In Your Prayers

Please remember in your prayers the health intention of Marcella Adams, Arlene Balestino, Rosemary Barcaro, Barbara Barker, Donald Belsey, Elizabeth, Valerie Brumbaugh, Kierra Chirdon, Denise Conrad, Mary Costlow, Betty Dalansky, Susie Dalansky, Evan Decker, Dominick DeVecchis, Thomas Dobson, Joan Donnelly, Debra Dorazio, May Duey, Mike Dutchard, Jacob Eshlenan, Shirley Fanella, Gianna Feather, Kathleen Foster, Mary Frederick, Anna Marie Gority, Helen Gummo, Elaine Hauser, Janet Hilton, Michael Himes, Nancy James, Ken Keagy, Larry Knott, Sr., Meredith Kuhns, Perry Lloyd, Larry Lytle, Patty Maria, Tom McGinnis, Brigid McManaman, Debbie Murtagh, Kevin O’Rorke, Cindy Oswald, Donny Ott, Joe Peroni, William Reimer, Rene Reynolds, Camden Rhodes, Joan Robison, Elia Rocci, Gavin Ross, Christopher and Tina Ruffing, Patty Ruffing, Maureen Sherbine, Arlene Schirf, Luke Schultz, Jacqueline Smith, Richard Soller, John Templon, Pete Szebin, Caitlin Thompson, Carole Treese, Mary Pat Williams and Angie Yingling.

In the event our prayers have helped, you are asked to call the rectory to have your name removed from the list. You can always have it put back on if need be. Thank you.

To have a name added to the prayer list, please call the rectory office before noon on Monday to have the name placed in that weekend’s bulletin. You must have the person’s permission to print their name.



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