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Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Jesus is Risen “There is no tale ever told,” author J.R.R. Tolkien once wrote in an essay on storytelling, that people “would rather find was true.” Hello, I'm Franciscan Father Greg Friedman, with the Sunday Soundbite for Easter Sunday.

The Catholic author of The Lord of the Rings was speaking of the story of Jesus. Today, as we accompany Peter and the Beloved Disciple, making their way to the tomb, we might echo ProfessorTolkien’s comment.

Our faith, as St. Paul tells the Corinthians, rests on the reality of Jesus’ Resurrection. We base everything on the truth of the story. But establishing that truth is not a matter of science, history or archaeology. It’s a matter of faith. We must call upon the Holy Spirit, who is present to the Church, to assist us.

In the Easter Gospels, we hear the witness of the first followers of Jesus: Jesus was risen; they had experienced him, alive in their midst. Their testimony in the Spirit moves us to a faith-filled “Alleluia.”

We live in a skeptical age. And yet in his essay, J.R.R. Tolkien pays tribute to the power of the Christian proclamation. He notes that there is no other story which so many skeptics “have accepted as true on its own merits.”

Our Easter Gospel is a story of living faith, in which we are participants, and to which we are now witnesses.
- An Site from the Franciscans and Franciscan Media Copyright 1996 - 2014


For any of us who have joined in a Divine Mercy Chaplet a few times, the response is automatic. We simply hear: “For the sake of His sorrowful Passion 6” and our lips are already responding with: “Have mercy on us and on the whole world.”

How consoling it is to embrace our Lord’s Mercy and be confident in his forgiveness. We know He will forgive any sin, if we are truly sorry. But for some, especially those who have lost a child to abortion, trusting in the forgiveness is not so easy. Even if they trust in God’s capacity and overwhelming desire to forgive them, they still often struggle with forgiving themselves.

Many in our culture are deeply wounded, including many Catholics who are in great need of God’s mercy and healing. Twenty-eight percent of women having abortions identify themselves as Catholic, which translates into as many as 10 million Catholic women affected by abortion. An equal number of men have been involved, even if the extent of their involvement was to abandon the woman on discovering she was pregnant. Then there are the grandparents, other family members, and friends who have also been affected. The impact on our culture and our Church is far-reaching. Rare is the individual who has not encountered the trauma of abortion in the suffering of friends and family members.
- 2014 Tom Grenchik, Executive Director of the Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.


Our Annual Novena in Honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, with three daily liturgies, requires the generous involvement and commitment of a large number of servers, readers and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. Additionally, parishioners involved in various music ministries added their gifts to enhance our worship. Gratitude is extended to all of you.

A note of thanks is also extended to our Social/ Fellowship Committee and those (parishioners and guests) who prepared desserts and appetizers for the social following Bishop Mark’s opening Mass. Finally, appreciation is extended to our Bereavement Committee for hosting the lunch and faith-sharing/ prayer gathering for about 15 participants.


The Church’s commemorations and liturgical celebrations during the Holy Triduum (Holy Three Days of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday/Easter) are the highpoint of our year as a community of faith. On these days we remember our Lord’s Passover through death to life and His victory over sin and everlasting death.

Gratitude is extended to those who prepared and decorated the church building. Deep thanks is also extended to those who enhanced our worship by their prayerful participation and their liturgical ministry. The Easter season continues until the great feast of Pentecost, Sunday, June 8.


During the celebration of the Eucharist on Wednesday of this week at 6:00 p.m. in the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, the following teenagers from our parish will be receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation: Luke Adams, Hannah Baker, Jacob Barton, Elijah DeHaven, Rachel Dibert, Alexander Martynuska, John McGinley, Alexis Plowman, Jacob Prendergast, Eric Price, Anthony Roefaro, and Tessa Taylor.


As of Friday, April 11, 105 families have pledged $23,796 to the Annual Catholic Appeal. Our goal is $49,239. If you have not received a pledge card in the mail from the diocese and you would like to make a pledge, please contact the rectory business office. Thank you for your support.


We thank the Tom Haught Family for their donation to the Angel Fund in Memory of Elizabeth Housel.

We also thank the Theresa Verbonitz family for their donation to Sacred Heart Church in memory of their mother.

We also thank the numerous people who have donated an additional $415 to Sacred Heart Church in memory of Jim Ziegler.

Additional Flower Memorial

Shirley Mitchell in memory of Mitchell and McCreary Families.

In Your Prayers

Please remember in your prayers the health intention of Marcella Adams, Arlene Balestino, Suzanne Baranik-Bowser, Rosemary Barcaro, Barbara Barker, Becky Bettwy, Rhoda Born, Elizabeth, Emma Helen Brolley, Valerie Brumbaugh, Kierra Chirdon, Denise Conrad, Mary Costlow, Susie Dalansky, Bob Decker, Evan Decker, Dominick De- Vecchis, Thomas Dobson, Marian Dodson, Joan Donnelly, Debra Dorazio, May Duey, Mike Dutchard, Jacob Eshlenan, Shirley Fanella, Gianna Feather, Mary Frederick, Lucas Gonzalez, Anna Marie Gority, Helen Gummo, Elaine Hauser, Tim Hileman, Janet Hilton, Michael Himes, Nancy James, Ken Keagy, Carol King, Larry Knott, Sr., Russell Krenn, Meredith Kuhns, Perry Lloyd, Larry Lytle, Patty Maria, Brigid McManaman, Debbie Murtagh, Cindy Oswald, Donny Ott and Sheila Ott, Joe Peroni, William Reimer, Rene Reynolds, Camden Rhodes, Joan Robison, Elia Rocci, Gavin Ross, Arlene Schirf, Jacqueline Smith, Robert Straw, Sr., Pete Szebin, Caitlin Thompson, Carole Treese, Angie Yingling and the safety of Stephanie Barry.

In the event our prayers have helped, you are asked to call the rectory to have your name removed from the list. You can always have it put back on if need be. Thank you.

To have a name added to the prayer list, please call the rectory office before noon on Monday to have the name placed in that weekend’s bulletin. You must have the person’s permission to print their name.



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